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A Little Something on Thursday Night

So this is how blogs work. You post a new one, and it is put on top of the stack of blog entries. Each post can be as long as you want, and can include pictures, audio, or video. Maps would be “pictures”.

imagesThis is an image. There are various ways to obtain them, but the easiest is to find it on the net, save it to the desktop, and then select it from there, and insert it into the post. Complicated? Yes, I am sure it is. Like anything, it is easy after the third try.


And Here Is A Second Post

920,000,000  BC

Permian extinctions begin. These extinction events constitute the biggest die-off in the history of the planet, and it was at this time that life itself was almost completely eradicated. It could have happened so easily, and for life to start again is not a certainty, since the conditions that sparked it’s initiation had evaporated, and the planet was more inhospitable to life starting from simple minerals and elements.

Mark well the Permian Extinctions. They far outdid the KT Extinction events.